Power your ambitions with excellence !

Is your academic project related to Materials and Energy Sciences ?
Do you intend either to do a PhD or to work in R&D in Normandy ?
If you do, you are welcomed to become a student labeled Graduate School Materials and Energy Sciences !
Why ?
Being a Master student and attending the classes, you will also have the opportunity to:
- be immerged in a research laboratory specialized in the field of your professional interest,
- follow specific lectures in order to acquire the highest level in your field,
- be supervised during your master studies by a specialist related to your project,
- benefit of an excellence grant GS-MES (5-8 k€/year).

The LABEX EMC3 « Energy Materials and Clean Combustion Center » is a research center of European level, joining together 7 Normand laboratories (4 at Caen: CRISMAT, LCMT , LCS and CIMAP ; 2 at Rouen : GPM and CORIA ; 1 at Le Havre : LOMC). It gathers together experts working on materials of energetic interest, on the clean combustion and on the scientific instrumentation. In 2020, this consortium brings together around 1000 staff members.

Our industry partners are interested on our model of Graduate School and provide lectures on specific subjects. The experts working in industry are very enthusiastic on welcoming and supervising Master students during their internships. The employment of students for PhD thesis in the frame of CIFRE (Convention Industrielle de Formation par la Recherche, i.e. Contract with Industry Partner for Research-based Training) agreements is equally possible and encouraged. GS-MES organizes regularly visits of industrial companies, and an exhibition is organized by the industry partners during the special days dedicated to graduated students.


Rencontre avec des anciens doctorants

19 janvier 2021 à 19h

Formation CIFRE                                                      

25 janvier 2021

Atelier Objectif Recrutement avec l'APEC

2 février 2021 de 14h à 16h